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Welcome to my wind power project

Since Global warming has become a serious problem affecting everyone and everything on the face of the Earth. I took it upon myself to experiment with some old century technology which has been making a come back in many parts of the world.

This technology can produce pollution free mechanical energy, which in turn can be used to create electrical energy. As long as you have some wind your in business.

I chose to make a vertical axis wind turbine ( VAWT ) mainly because I live in the city.

I Searched the web to see what others have been up to, and was totally amazed at all the ideas, DIY's, and commercial wind power in existence. I could just end my project right now and go over to The nearest hardware store, shell out some $800 and purchase a small backyard model. But why would I do that? That's no fun, I'm going to build my own!

I found this design elegant, easy to build and possibly suit my experimental needs.

Well enough talk, Lets get started!